18. Back To The Future

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The geeks are joined by friend of the show Luke Erlenbusch to talk about one of the iconic science-fiction films of the 1980s: Back to the Future. Crank up the flux capacitor, make sure your radiation suit is packed, and your Walkman has fresh batteries, because we’re cranking it to 88 miles per hour and dialing the time circuits for 1985! Watch the video below to see Dallas build the Lego DeLorean!

Back to the Future

Huey Lewis and the News

Power of Love

The DeLorean

Universal Studios Back to the Future ride

Marty McFly’s Madrid/Valterra skateboard

Ray Bradbury “Sound of Thunder” short story
Full text

Butterfly effect

Projection film room

Back to the Future LEGO DeLorean

LEGO Ideas


Dallas’ Playstation ID for Rocket League “Jedi_Amburgers”
Nathan’s Playstation ID for Rocket League “BeKindToBigNate”
Luke’s Xbox ID for Rocket League “warriorgoof”

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