10. Thor Ragnarok

The guys all managed to see the latest Marvel movie within the same week, and knew they had to talk about it! What did they think of Thor: Ragnarok? Well, they thought a lot of it. About it. Whatever. Just listen and find out!

Thor: Ragnarok Official Trailer

Team Thor, Pt. 2: Where Are They Now?

Thor: Ragnarok Director, Taika Waititi

Flight of the Chonchords – Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros

What We Do in the Shadows

Nathan lectures young people about “Immigrant Song”

Big Trouble in Little China

Parent guide for Thor: Ragnarok

Planet Hulk comic series


Beta Ray Bill

Where the improvised “I know him! He’s a friend from work!” line came from

Thor: Ragnarok cameos

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