21. Interview with CEO of Hero Within, Tony Kim

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The geeks are joined by Mr. @Crazy4ComicCon himself, Tony Kim. Tony is the CEO and founder of the Marvel and DC fashion brand, Hero Within. He is a passionate geek, from Comic Books, table top games, to all things San Diego Comic-Con and comic conventions everywhere. The gang talk about how comics impacted Tony as he was growing up, how Hero Within was started, and some of the many interactions he’s had at conventions. Tony also shares some stories of hosting and moderating many panels at Comic-Con, including spending time with the great Conan O’Brien! Check out Hero Within and some other fun things mentioned in the show at the links below!

Hero Within

Story of Hero Within

Tony on Twitter

Tony on the Web

Tony’s interview with Commander Adama Edward James Olmos

Tony’s interview with Ralph Macchio

Tony’s con pics

Tony’s Warner Bros Comic-Con bag cosplay

13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Two hours after they left the theater, the guys sit down to talk about their first impressions of the latest entry in the Star Wars universe. Chris, Nathan, and Dallas share their initial, spoiler-free reactions, before settling in for a long haul of spoiler-full discussion. Don’t worry, the guys give plenty of warning before they […]